Cornerstone Television Unveils New “Grace Walk” Program with Bestselling Author Steve McVey

Crystal Bynum
Communications Department

Dr. Steve McVey

Wall, PA – Cornerstone Television Network unwraps yet another new show with the launch of “Grace Walk” this October.  Produced right from the CTVN studio, the program is hosted by Dr. Steve McVey — a teacher/author with a long-time connection to the Cornerstone TV ministry and a passion to help viewers truly enjoy the abundance of life.  The 30-minute program is scheduled to premiere Friday, October 11, 2019, at 2 PM & 9 PM/ET.  Episodes will continue to broadcast in the Friday time slots, as well as Saturdays at 4 PM/ET.  

With its candid, practical flair, “Grace Walk” is expected to revolutionize how both Christians and the ‘spiritually curious’ view the concept of God’s grace in their lives.

“We hosted a Grace Walk show with [Steve] over 20 years ago,” says Tom Hollis, COO of Cornerstone Television Network.  “He’s dynamic, interesting, and gives a fresh perspective on God and the believer’s need to correctly understand God.  Viewers will gain a better understanding of life in terms of grace — that we are unconditionally accepted.  This show deconstructs the notion that Christians must follow the rules.”

Incoming host Steve McVey adds, “Viewers should tune in for a fresh perspective on what it means to follow after God by being motivated through His love … Legalism wants to make salvation about me.  Grace makes salvation about Jesus.  It’s time to move from a rules-based religion to a grace-based relationship, and acceptance of ourselves as God’s beloved.”

“Grace is impossible to define,” Steve explains.  “It is better to describe it.  One fundamental facet of grace is that we never reach the limits when it comes to understanding it.  Grace is the unilateral love and acceptance of God toward humanity, independent of anything we do or don’t do.”

More About “Grace Walk” Host Steve McVey

Dr. Steve McVey is a man who enjoys his wife, four children, five grandchildren, many styles of music, movies, theology, quantum mechanics, and other diverse interests.  He isn’t religious, but is a spiritual man.  He is both a student and a teacher.  He has spoken on six continents, taught nationwide on television and radio, and has written seventeen books, one of them a best-seller.  His books and teaching are a travelogue of his own personal growth through life and are filled with spiritual truth, practical application, humor, and affirmation that will encourage and strengthen you in your own journey towards spiritual development and personal enrichment.  His greatest passion is to live and teach what it means to experience the Life we’ve been created to know and enjoy.

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